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Five stars for Powerhorse!!! Janet's massage work has made an immediate and lasting impact on the work and comfort of my two FEI dressage horses!!! Since Janet started massaging them I noticed a huge improvement in their suppleness and relaxation.

Janet gives an extremely thorough massage and provides superior verbal and written feedback afterwards. Her massage skills and input has helped me to vastly improve their training.

I consider Janet and Powerhorse an essential part of the SunPower training team. I am so grateful to have found her!!! Highly highly recommend!!! She is the best!!!



Jamie P, FEI Silver-medalist

Holly has known Janet since she came to our household as a foster dog after weaning her 8 puppies 8 years ago. Janet was her caretaker and Holly has known and benefitted from Janet’s love since then. Holly missed Janet terribly when she moved to Virginia, but had a surprise visit from her and got to enjoy one of Janet’s massages. Holly is a senior girl who knows all of the aches and pains that come with that, and the hour that she spent under Janet’s hands was pure heaven for her. It was amazing in the following days to see a spring back in Holly’s step and to get a glimpse of the playful girl that she was in her youth. The rest of our rambunctious pack was surprised to see her playing tug and chasing the ball right along with them! We are looking forward to the next time, and will book massages for the whole pack then!

Bryon K.

My ten year old Cheval Canadien / Hanoverian gelding, Wallstreet Triumph, recently had his first therapeutic massage from Janet – and left no doubt how much he enjoyed it!

Throughout the very thorough session, you could see by his varied expressions and reactions the impact and effect that each of Janet’s techniques had on him.
Triumph loves attention from humans and grooming is one of his favorite pastimes, but having Janet’s hands on him definitely has raised the bar.

Janet took her time and read his expressions so that she could focus on those areas where he showed greater response.
The written report we received following the massage outlined her findings and helped define areas of focus for next time. Triumph and I are both excited for his next session!

Susanne B.

I had my 4 horses shipped from CA this spring and it was a rough trip on them. A couple of weeks into their new life in VA , I treated them each to a massage from Janet, and it was just what they needed to really settle in. Plus they adored Janet, who wouldn’t.. they are now asking for more…

Janet is very very good!!!!

Carolene M.



Both my horses absolutely loved their treatments with Janet! It was a remarkable experience to watch. She was able to release tension over and over - and the results were immediate. In particular with my gelding Griffin, we had been fighting inappetence for months as she was able to unlock his jaw to the point that he ate a full meal with gusto right after his treatment! Miraculous!

Very highly recommend!

Tara N.

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