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Canine and equine massage therapy has proven helpful with other animals as well. "Jett" was one of a set of triplet lambs. His mother had to reject Jett because he could not stand up to nurse. Bottle feeding and massage therapy helped Jett gain strength, and he was up and walking by day 5.  As seen to here, Jett relapsed at 3 weeks and could no longer stand or walk again.  An attempt at tube feeding suggested a blockage when the formula refluxed. Combined regular application of both the equine colic and canine sequences helped improve Jett's digestion and strength. The  second video is Jett two weeks later. Currently, he's back on his farm bouncing around with the other sheep and is doing well. The only problem now is he thinks he's a dog! Massage therapy can't fix everything! We are always willing

 to try the sequences on animals in distress. Give us a call and we can share our ideas and techniques. Saving animals is our passion!

Animals in Distress

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